The team here at Brown & Baran Family Dentistry offer patients throughout the Seaford area some of the finest dental care treatments available. A skilled cosmetic dentist can make your smile look its very best. This can sometimes involve a single treatment option or a special custom treatment known as a smile makeover.

What is a smile makeover?

A smile makeover refers to a combination of various cosmetic dentistry treatments that are used to enhance the overall beauty of a smile. Smile makeovers are ideal when just a single cosmetic dentistry procedure is not enough to address the aesthetic needs of a patient.

General Candidates for Smile Makeover Treatment

Good candidates for smile makeover treatment are generally in good dental health but suffer from multiple kinds of cosmetic issues that need to be resolved through a cosmetic procedure. They should have realistic expectations about the treatment process, which includes knowing the risks and benefits involved and having realistic expectations about the total recovery process.

A Great Option for Chips and Cracks

If you have teeth that are chipped or cracked in some way, a smile makeover is a great option to consider for masking imperfections and damage. For minor issues with chips and cracks on the teeth, dental bonding may be used, which involves the use of a tooth-colored composite resin painted onto the teeth themselves. Porcelain veneers are a solid option for more serious chipping and cracking.

Ideal for Tooth Discoloration and Stains

When a person has seriously stained or discolored teeth, a great option to consider is teeth whitening. This bleaches the stained tooth structure so that it is bright and white. Porcelain veneers or dental bonding may be consider for more serious cases of tooth discoloration that do not respond to whitening procedures.

Treatments for the Gumline Are Available

Gum recession and prominent gums can both have a negative impact on the look of your smile. This is why there is gum augmentation and gum contouring procedures. The former is ideal to rebuild a gumline affected by recession, while the latter is a great option to consider when a person has a gummy smile that dominates the teeth.

Solutions for Missing Teeth

When you are missing a tooth or multiple teeth, it can have a negative impact on the look and health of your smile. Cosmetic dentistry options to fill tooth gaps and replace missing teeth include bridges and dentures. In some cases, dental implants may prove ideal for securing a dental appliance to fill a gap between teeth.

Tailoring Treatments to the Needs of the Patient

With so many options for treatment, it’s easy for our team to help patients have smiles that look exceptional. During the consultation process, we will be able to create a custom treatment plan that’s just for you.

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